It has been good being able to meet again in Church to Worship God together. The organisation, planning and smooth running of these socially distanced Services has been appreciated by us all and we thank our Preachers for leading us and bringing God’s word. Thanks for your tithes & offerings.

The new Preaching Plan is out for June – August when Mr P Goulding is with us on 6th and 13 June, Rev Robinson on 20th June including Sacrament, Mrs B Clarke on 27th June.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped to clean and tidy the inside & outside of the Church, despite the very wet weather. All the jobs are now completed due to dedication and hard work.

Please continue to pray about the future of Hesketh Lane, we have a Church Council meeting on Monday 21st June at 7.00pm. This meeting is for all our congregation and we will all need to make important decisions. Please try to attend your ideas and views are very important.

We are happy to welcome Kirsty and Michela who are getting married on Saturday 12th June at our Church. Kirsty is Doreen Townsley’s granddaughter and attended Sunday School here. Please pray for a blessed day for the whole family and for their future health and happiness.

The Circuit Meeting is on Thursday 24th June at Mere Brow. Pray for all the business that has to be discussed at this final Circuit meeting.

Rev Wilfred Robinson and his wife Doris and son Dwight will be leaving our Cirlcuit and Wilfred’s final Service with us will take place on Sunday 25th July at 10.30am at Banks Methodist Church.
Wilfred’s brother-in-law, through Evangelical Alliance is collecting money for Covid drugs, oxygen & ventilators for India. A plate will be left out at the back of Church for any donations.

Curiosity Corner is meeting Monday – Saturday and we continue to pray for Rachael and her team as she runs this early years group for children and their families.

A new song with the tune of Abide with me is available to watch at It speaks of the need for God to transform, revive and heal society.

John Wesley – We thank God for the extraordinary example of John Wesley, a pioneering hero of Mission. Wesley preached about the need to personally encounter Jesus – a message which barred him from most Anglican churches at the time. He took the radical step of preaching not from a pulpit but out in the streets and fields. He called the nation’s poor to follow Christ, which they did in their tens of thousands.

In his lifetime he travelled 250,000 miles on horseback to teach all over the country. He preached around 40,000 sermons and planted communities of prayer, mission and justice across Britain.

John Wesley was a champion of the poor and a campaigner against the slave trade. He trained non-ordained men and women to disciple the many people coming to Jesus. John Wesley’s example was no person or place was off limits to the Gospel. Give us the courage today, when we endure setbacks and disappointment not to withdraw from God or our community. We ask that we are all open to hearing from God, knowing His truths and trusting His leading.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28 v 19)