June message from Rev Wilfred Robinson

Dear Sisters and Brothers

We have entered into a wonderful time of the year where everything is in full bloom. What a change it brings in the life of the environment and individual? It seems that everything has come to life all of sudden. The plants are clothed with the new leaves and the flowers blooming in the garden, with everybody out and about. This reminds me of new life within nature and human beings.

When we look at nature we can see the beauty of God’s creation, which brings forth a sense of admiration. But when we think upon the full bloom of nature we are reminded of a life in Christ and the change it brings within every individual. Once we have allowed Christ to dwell within our hearts, our life becomes marvellous. We ask each day to our Lord and Master to shape our lives the way He wants. We go through the process of sanctification which allows us to have a closer relationship with our Lord.

I am talking about the power of the Holy Spirit we that be celebrating in Pentecost. We wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to empower us and use us for His glory. According to Act 1:8 “..you will receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes in … the earth”. Let us allow God to take control of our lives and lead in the way he wants. At times we are trying to dictate upon God what we want Him to do, instead we need to wait upon the Lord and submit to His will. When we allow God to take control, everything changes. Yet we as humans, by nature, we are reluctant to quickly accept change. We will ask questions such as: why, when and how?

So where are we, when we boldly say in our prayers, which our Lord taught us “Thy will be done”. If we want our church and ourselves to move in a new direction and to do new things for the kingdom, we will have to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. We as followers of Christ are not have to maintain buildings, but to build lives and win souls for His kingdom. We need to pray that the Lord will inspire us and show us a new vision for His plan for this circuit. Abraham moved out in faith and the Lord blessed him. We will have to take steps in faith and pray for God’s blessings upon us.

Let the power of Pentecost reshape us for the glory of the Lord.

Every Blessing in Christ
Rev Wilfred Robinson