June Message from Rev K Jones

Do you ever use the summer holiday period to look back and look forward?  Evaluating where we are in life is important.  If we don’t plan to achieve we can never achieve our plans.  What are the priorities in your life?  Allow me to suggest three.

1.  Love your family.

I know Jesus expanded this to “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” but we need to start somewhere.  You get one chance at doing family, no-one else can take your place.  Invest time and energy in the people God has placed in your family.  Family comes first, make sure they know they are precious to you.

2.  Love God.

Jesus said in John ch. 14 v. 15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command”.  That means to love God we must follow Jesus with our mind, with our soul, with our heart, and with our strength.  Loving God is so much more than Sunday worship it is building up our understanding of God, and rejoicing in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  To know Him is to love Him and when we know Him more deeply we will love Him more.  How are you planning to get closer to God in the months ahead?  If we don’t plan to, it won’t happen.

3.  Take the times of rest you need.

God does not call us to run flat out all the time.  He calls us to find the rest of His presence, and to accomplish our work out of a place where our soul is at rest.  Jeremiah ch. 6 v. 16 says  “This is what the Lord says:  “Stand at the cross-roads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”  When there is peace within then we become the people God intended us to be.

Perhaps if these are our priorities it will make a difference in our life.  What are your priorities?  If you are not sure, the Ten Commandments take in these three areas.  On family they say “Honour your father and mother that it may go well with you”.  On loving God they tell us “I am the Lord your God, you must have no gods before me”.  On rest they say “Honour the Sabbath and keep it holy”.  Loving family, loving God and seeking God’s settled rest are also God’s priorities for us.

May you find God’s peace, enjoy God’s presence, and bless your families.

May God Himself bless and keep you.

Rev K Jones

Rev. D. Kevin Jones

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