Easter Message from Rev K Jones

As I move through the years I am reminded by my body that I can not do the things I once did at the speed I once did them.  Age is no great friend, but it should help us to prioritise.  What is important to you?  Where does it come on your agenda?

I am drawn again to the short story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10 v. 38-42 where Martha is busy being distracted by all the work she must do and Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus, learning of Him.  In anger Martha scolded both Jesus and Mary.  The sadness is that most of us side with Martha.

We have not yet learned to choose the better way.  I am personally constantly torn between business and contemplation.  If I can not learn to drink deeply of the water of life, or eat of the bread of life, then I have no strength with which to serve.  Indeed, like Martha I serve with irritation and anger.  I pray for wisdom to draw water from the wells of salvation, that you and I may be the people God intended us to be, people filled with His peace and guided by His Word.

We have one life to live and we need to live it in the presence of God.  Peace, hope, joy and effectiveness come from His presence.  Learn to value His presence.

A Happy Easter to all.  He is risen, and death has lost its sting.

Rev. Kevin Jones