December Message from Rev K Jones

Dear Friends

As most of you know I have accepted the post of Superintendent in the Gornal and Sedgley circuit in the West Midlands. We move in August so this is our last Christmas in Banks. In the last 10 years we have enjoyed high and low points.  When we arrived we did not know what welcome awaited, and now we find we are sad to leave. (It is our first move without the children.) I find myself wondering if our Lord Jesus had the same feelings when he looked out of eternity and planned His move to Bethlehem.  He knew this was in the will of the Father, so in obedience and submission He stepped forward.  His welcome was varied. He was hunted by Herod but worshipped by shepherds and wise men.  He left what He knew for the uncertainty of this lost world.  We do not yet know who will come to our circuit but I pray you will welcome, encourage and support them.  May you continue to know the joy and challenge of being led by the hand of God.

At Christmas some seem to come to church for their annual visit.  However we need to remember that the church is not the building.  Jesus came to call people to follow Him.  Discipleship can begin at Christmas, but it must touch every aspect of our lives.  What makes us church is being committed to worshipping and following Jesus throughout the year.  The early disciples committed themselves to learning about Jesus, to prayer, fellowship, and sharing bread and wine in remem-brance of Jesus’ death and resurrection (see Act chapter 2 v. 42).  If we committed ourselves to the same things we would be living as disciples. If we truly believe, we will faithfully follow Jesus.

“Happy Christmas”, and remember that to those who worship, He reveals His worth.

Rev. Kevin Jones